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4 Clear-Cut Reasons for Selling Your House for Cash

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Selling your house for cash gives you concrete advantages. It's also a huge relief for those who tend to be overcome with anxiety when they hear a knock on the door or each time the phone rings. It's easy, quick and dependable. But what specifically are the advantages of selling a house for cash? How does it actually make a difference for a seller? Know more from DC we buy houses company.

Here are four clear-cut reasons you should consider selling your home to a cash investor:

No Repair/Renovation Costs

If your house requires significant repairs, a cash offer can look very attractive as investors will generally buy property as-is, meaning, in any condition it might be in.

Doing repairs yourself is both time-consuming and expensive, and while a lot of such repairs may be needed to sell, you won't automatically get your investment back.

No Backing Out!
Contingencies are quite common in house contracts. Contingencies are "back out" clauses which are mainly protective of buyers but quite burdensome for sellers. The fine print can go something like, the offer holds only if the buyer's current home sells within a certain timeframe; if inspectors don't find foundation defects; or, even with the bank's approval, the offer holds only if there are no hitches with the mortgage lender. If you sell your home for cash, this is one major problem you can prevent.

No-Fail Financing

Home sales take very long because of banks. If you need to borrow cash, you're at their disposal and they don't really have a care about your own plans. Cash house purchases close fast because they don't need to transact with banks or lenders at all. Financing is also where home sales tend to reach a bottleneck, so if you sell your home to an investor, you can skip this part smoothly. Moreover, in cash home sales, the investor usually shoulders the closing costs.

Fast and Easy

Since you have somebody who has shown interest right from the start, you need not worry about staging or hiring a professional photographer to make your property look appealing and buy-able. You don't have to think about inspections, repairs and renovation because all these are generally on the cash buyer.

You talk to an investor, they throw you some questions and they they make an offer. If both sides agree on a price, you close in a week or two's time. It actually is that straightforward, but, you have to understand that you are exchanging time for cash. Visit this website for more info:

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